Preachers Struggling To Connect With Young Parishioners Should Try Hip-Hop Gospel Music

1 June 2023
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The world is a rapidly changing place and many preachers find it hard to connect with their younger parishioners. Relating to kids on their level is challenging, especially when preachers want to avoid coming across as condescending. Thankfully, hip-hop gospel music can help.  Why Hip-Hop Gospel Music Is a Wise Investment In a world where more kids are leaving the church than ever before, it's important for preachers to do what they can to appeal to the youth. Read More 

Why Sign Your Child Up For A Music Choir?

23 February 2023
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Giving your child an early start in anything they're passionate about is vital because they're better at retaining new information and skills than adults. That's why children are better at picking up new languages. You've probably noticed that most incredibly skilled boxers, dancers, piano players, etc., started young.  Here are some of the reasons why it's a good idea to sign your child up for a music choir: No Need to Learn Instrument Read More