The Benefits Of Taking Rock Music Lessons

29 December 2021
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Have you always dreamed of playing in a rock band and entertaining an audience? If you have a passion for rock music but don't feel as though you have enough talent to draw attention, taking a few lessons might be all that you need to turn your hobby into a career. Depending on where you choose to take rock lessons, you can learn numerous things that will help you create professional music. Read More 

Three Reasons To Play A Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

19 October 2021
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Many people learn to play the guitar as an acoustic instrument but look forward to buying an electric guitar when they're ready. When you reach this point, a visit to a local musical instrument store will give you all sorts of options to consider. These stores generally have large selections of electric guitars, including those with various body types. While many electric guitars have bodies that are made of solid wood — unlike acoustic guitars, which are completely hollow — you'll also find electric guitars with semi-hollow bodies. Read More 

Why Piano Is Best Learnt With A Tutor And Not On Your Own

13 September 2021
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Pianos are common instruments around the world. While the modern piano might not resemble its ancestors that closely, the idea behind how they work is practically the same. If you, or your child, are thinking about mastering the art of playing the piano, then you may have considered simply doing it on your own, as many people do with guitars and other popular instruments. However, piano lessons are an absolute must for anyone who wants to stick with this instrument for more than a few weeks, and here are a few reasons why. Read More 

Why You Should Choose A Live Wedding Band For Your Wedding

15 June 2021
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If you are planning a wedding, you have noticed that there are a lot of decisions that must be made along the way. One of these decisions is regarding the entertainment at the wedding and reception. You must decide whether you want to hire a DJ or a live band to play the music. You will need to consider your own personalities as well as the performance that will be given to your guests. Read More 

Vocalist Production Tips For Singers

25 March 2021
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If you're a singer and are trying to build your career, you must master vocalist production. This is the art of technology and techniques for a better end product. These tips in particular can help you thrive with the vocalist production side of a singing career.  Start With Just Your Voice Some musicians get a little too complex when trying to produce a song they're working on. You don't want to do this because then you can become distracted. Read More