Here’s Why You Need To Start Streaming Your Radio Music

8 November 2019
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Nowadays, you can stream your music just about anywhere you want to go. There is nothing wrong with tuning in to your favorite local radio station while you're in the car or relaxing at home. But there are also many good reasons to start streaming your radio music if you aren't already. Here are just a few of those reasons: You Won't Likely Go Without Even when the power goes out, you might be able to tune in to your favorite radio stations by streaming music on your smartphone or tablet. Read More 

Four Tips For Planning A Flash Mob Event

19 August 2019
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Whether you are looking for a creative way to surprise someone dear to you or you simply want to mark something off your bucket list, participating in a flash mob isn't something you can pull off without a bit of planning. The following can help you plan out a successful pop-up event that you -- and everyone around you -- will remember for the rest of your lives. Tip #1: Choose your theme Read More 

Preserve Your Vintage Guitar Collection

21 June 2019
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Most vintage acoustic guitars contain a nitrocellulose lacquer finish. This finish is rather thin and glossy and doesn't affect the acoustics of an instrument. Unfortunately, this type of lacquer can crack if a guitar is exposed to fluctuating temperatures, moisture, and sunlight. If you have inherited a couple of vintage guitars that are in relatively good shape, care for the instruments by storing them properly and cleaning the wooden casings, strings, and fretboards after each play session. Read More 

Being The Best Marching Band Teacher That You Can

7 March 2019
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We live in a time in which arts programs at schools are losing funding or being cut altogether. If you are embarking on the track of becoming a band instructor, you should feel fortunate that you get to flip that switch for young musical minds the way that someone so long ago did the same for you.  However, achieving your goal of becoming the best band director possible means knowing which decisions to make. Read More