Hear the Music as You Should: Choosing a Sound System for New Progressive Rock

15 April 2020
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New progressive rock is a musical subgenre birthed from a fusion of traditional folk-rock, heavy metal, and jazz. Combined, these musical elements create a sound that is intrinsic, yet unique at the same time. For the true lover of this genre, the joy is in the ability to hear every note and every instrument with heightened clarity. However, this goal can only be achieved with the right sound system.

Choose High Quality

When it comes to rock music, listening to these tunes with low volume isn't typically something most people do. New progressive rock is meant to be loud. You need to make sure you choose a speaker that has the quality standard to allow for this type of play. A lot of low-quality speakers don't do well when it comes to increased volume. 

With progressive rock, you're more likely to hear real instruments, not digital sounds, including acoustic guitars and even pipe organs. If the quality of the speaker is not superior, when you turn the music up loudly, the notes of these instruments can become distorted, which will alter their sound. 

Second, with low-quality speakers, the louder you listen to music, the sooner the speakers will malfunction and fail. A speaker system that allows you to increase the volume is best to capture all the sounds within this music genre. 

Invest in a Subwoofer

You should also consider investing in a subwoofer to play these tunes with. Often, people think subwoofers are only suited for musical genres with intense bass, such as hip hop. However, this addition is also great for clarity, which is important when it comes to this genre. 

Again, new progressive rock is meant to be listened to slightly louder than other music genres. However, particularly if you're in a small room, the confinement of the space can prevent the sound from traveling as it needs to. As a result, the sound can end up bouncing all over the place and sound distorted. When you consider all the musical elements that go into this music genre, this bouncing of the sound will only decrease the number of instruments you can hear in the music and their clarity.

A subwoofer provides non-directional sound, which means that you don't have to worry about the music bouncing off the wall or other surface in a small room. As a result, you can listen to this music loudly even in a small space and still experience it at a high quality. 

To truly enjoy new progressive rock, you need to have the right sound system. Make sure you keep these tips in mind.