Being The Best Marching Band Teacher That You Can

7 March 2019
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We live in a time in which arts programs at schools are losing funding or being cut altogether. If you are embarking on the track of becoming a band instructor, you should feel fortunate that you get to flip that switch for young musical minds the way that someone so long ago did the same for you. 

However, achieving your goal of becoming the best band director possible means knowing which decisions to make. Follow these tips so that you can get the most out of your time imparting music to your high school band students. 

Deepen Your Strengths and Remain a Sponge For Music Learning

Going into a band director job, it is important that you understand what you're good at and what instruments you pass. Taking this approach helps you to become a better and more knowledgeable teacher, while also being a student yourself each and every day. You can take some continued education courses that will show you different nuances to any sort of instrument. 

It's also important that you learn your own teaching style and what it takes to get through to your students. A love for music is the best strength, but you also need to learn how to formulate belief and discipline into everyone. This increases their learning potential and ensures that you are putting a great band out onto the field every football game or competition. 

Instill Passion Into Your Band Students

Every band season needs to be filled with challenge and wonder for everyone involved. In band, summer ends early, because students generally report in August in order to start piecing together the marching band routines for the first football game and beyond. 

If you want to keep your students intrigued, make the marching band show you put out this semester a fun, big deal. Research the best marching band arrangement services so that you can get sheet music and a set list that flows, has a theme to it and makes your students inspired to bring it to life. 

By investing this time and effort into inspiring your students, not only will they develop a love for music, but they will also be more likely to put the work in that will snag awards and win competitions. 

When you follow these tips it becomes easier for you to do what's best for your marching band students and your career at the same time.