Three Ways To Learn How To Play The Piano Or A Keyboard

13 May 2016
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If you have decided you want to learn the piano, you probably have also thought about how best to go about it. Although there are many ways to learn to play a piano or keyboard, the following are the three most common, as well as what each has to offer the new student.

Teach yourself from an instruction course

You can attempt to learn on your own with the help of a course that you purchase. This type of course consists of workbooks and videos that are aimed to help those of all levels of ability. This includes not only beginners but also intermediate and advance piano players. Not everyone will excel at learning on their own, but some do fine. The best part of using this type of institution for a beginner is that it gives you enough experience to know if you want to continue learning the piano. After a time, some people fall in love with the instrument, but others find that it wasn't what they thought it would be.

Take a class

For those who are out of school, you may be able to find lessons at a local community college. In this setting, it is often keyboards that are used, but naturally, the lessons learned will carry over to a piano. Depending upon the local demand for this type of instruction, the class size will vary. And although learning in a classroom environment will not provide you with a lot of personal instruction, you will have someone to answer your questions. This is a good option for those who find self-instruction difficult.

Take private lessons

This simply means that you are learning from a teacher who is giving you one-on-one lessons. This is usually more expensive than the other methods listed above, but it is also the most effective way to learn. For a beginner, it may be best to use one of the two previously mentioned methods of learning just to get a feel for the instrument, but at some point you will want private piano lessons. This type of instruction is like having a personal coach to help you. There is no substitute for the undivided attention you get in this type of learning environment.

Keep in mind that no matter which path you take, it will take time and practice to play this instrument well. With this in mind, you should avoid investing a lot of money in the instrument . A low cost keyboard in the beginning will be sufficient. This is true even if your class or instructor has a piano or keyboard to learn on. As time goes on, if you decide to stick to learning the piano, you can always upgrade both the quality of the instrument and the instruction.