Four Tips For Planning A Flash Mob Event

19 August 2019
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Whether you are looking for a creative way to surprise someone dear to you or you simply want to mark something off your bucket list, participating in a flash mob isn't something you can pull off without a bit of planning. The following can help you plan out a successful pop-up event that you -- and everyone around you -- will remember for the rest of your lives.

Tip #1: Choose your theme

Every flash mob event needs a theme. The simplest type to pull off is a dance routine. Set the routine to a popular song if you hope to pull spectators into the performance. If the main goal is to have volunteer performers, you can opt for something a little more obscure. Of course, not every flash mob has to revolve around dance. Pop-up symphony or big band performances are options. For something even more epic, consider a pop-up play, with pre-selected actors playing the main roles and spectators brought in as extras. Pop-up operas are a fun twist on the play option, allowing you to combine music, vocal stylings, and a play performance into a single surprise event.

Tip #2: Find a location

You need a location before you can go any further with your plan. The ideal location should be a public space with ample space and moderate foot traffic. Make sure your event won't be competing with anything else in the area, such as restaurants with loud outdoor speakers or nearby construction. If the singing, such as in an opera performance, will be part of the event, then areas with tall buildings surrounding a public square work well because the buildings will add some acoustics to help amplify the voices.

Tip #3: Recruit your players

While some flash mobs depend on spectators to join in and become part of the event, they still need a few core performers that can guide the choreography or song. If you are planning to do a play or opera, your performers must be chosen beforehand so they can learn their parts and craft their costumes in advance of the event. You may be able to recruit from local performing arts organizations or via social media.

Tip #4: Schedule plenty of rehearsals

While a flash mob is supposed to look spontaneous, the reality is that it takes a lot of practice to pull off a quality event. For simple group dancing, you may be able to forgo all but one or two full rehearsals. Instead, you can record a video of the choreography so participants can do most of their practicing on their own time. Plays and operas, of course, will require a lot more full rehearsals to ensure they are pulled off successfully.

As you can see, planning a pop-up event or flash mob does require a bit of work, but the results are worth it. The greatest benefit of these events are that they bring a bit of positivity and brighten the day of everyone -- participants and spectators alike.