Questions To Ask When You Buy A Used Piano

7 April 2016
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Whether you're eager to learn how to play the piano or you're on a tight budget, buying a used piano can be preferable to a new one. Opting for a used instrument can save you a significant amount of money and, provided that the piano was properly care for by its previous owner, you won't even be able to tell that it's been used. It's ideal to shop at a reputable piano dealer where you can speak to an informed salesperson throughout the buying process. As you peruse the various models and find one that catches your eye, be sure to ask these questions.

How Much Of The Manufacturer's Warranty Remains?

While many piano dealers will offer in-house warranties -- even on used instruments -- the piano you're thinking about might still have some of the original manufacturer's warranty left. This is obviously more common if the used piano is relatively new, so make sure the salesperson can dig up this documentation for you.

Do You Have A Copy Of The Tuning Schedule?

A piano needs to be tuned regularly, and the last thing you want to endure is a tuning issue with the piano once you get it home because it wasn't properly attended to. Generally, the rule is that pianos should be tuned four times in their first year and then twice per year in the following years. Each time the piano is tuned by a specialist, a tuning schedule affixed to the inside of the instrument should be signed and dated. Make sure there's a copy of this document before you consider buying the used piano.

Have The Hammers Been Replaced?

On old pianos, the hammers can be excessively worn to the point that they don't provide you with the sound you're looking for. Given that you'll likely have to have these integral parts replaced if they're worn out, it's beneficial to ascertain whether the used piano's hammers are original or if they've recently been replaced. If the former is the case, see how much the dealer would charge you to upgrade them upon purchasing the instrument.

Do You Include Delivery With The Purchase Price?

It's also important to consider the logistics of buying the piano -- you'll need to hire a piano moving service to get the instrument into your home unless the piano dealer provides this service for customers. If delivery isn't included, remember to contact a piano mover to factor this cost into your overall purchase price.

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